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SpongeBob Online - www.spongebobonline.cjb.com

This is easily my favorite SpongeBob site (other than mine). It is THE source for news about SpongeBob. It's updated often compared to most sites. It also has a large Fan section to look through. It's best feature is the excellent episode guide. There are some bad things about it though. There isn't an image gallery, and the site isn't exactly pretty.(update: The new layout looks pretty good)


Sarah's SpongeBob SquarePants Shrine - http://umich.edu/~goodwins/bob

This is the "sister site" of SpongeBob Online. Its best feature is the massive image gallery. There are huge amounts of pictures, but some of them are of lesser quality. Though, the backgrounds there are nice. There are also a lot of icons, and some are animated. I'm giving a 5 because there are NEAR ZERO OTHER sites that make their own pictures. (update: Theres a new layout that looks great, so 5 out of 5 for Sarah!)


SpongyMedia - http://www.spongymedia.tk

This is one of the best places to go for SpongeBob multimedia. There are videos, songs, image galleries, and lyrics. The layout also looks great. This is one of the few places with high quality media. Nautical Media and SpongyMedia have merged, creating one stop for all your multimedia needs.


Nickelodeon's SpongeBob Site - www.spongebob.com

It's the Official site, so there's a lot of money put into it. It's made by professional site builders so it looks amazing. An important feature there is listing of episodes that will air that week, even though it isn't accurate sometimes. And of course, there's the games. Everyone goes there for the games. There are over a dozen SpongeBob games, and some of them are actually pretty good. But, there are a lot of bad things about the site. There's basically no Image gallery, or any sections other than the ones mentioned above. The graphics are nice, but the load times will kill you. And, It's rarely ever updated.


Pineapple Under The Sea - http://groups.msn.com/PineappleUndertheSea/

There is a huge amount of content there, but it's organized terribly. The nav-bar on the side is a pain to look at. It could have been something better if there was some organization. It's partly a club, and they send out a mailing list. Overall it's a good site to check out.


TV.com Episode Guide- http://www.tv.com/spongebob-squarepants/show/3428/summary.html

It's a massive episode guide. In my opinion, it's the best SpongeBob Episode guide out there. It has a detailed description of every episode with quotes and interesting things. Sometimes they report too many fake episodes, but sometimes, the episodes really do air. There isn't much there besides the guide. This site used to be the TVTome SpongeBob episode guide.


Ripped Pants - http://www.geocities.com/shadowstarnook/spongebobmain.html

The layout on this site is fairly good. There is also a good amount of original content. This site has a massive transcript database. There's also the neat, but unoriginal, concept of trading cards. The site falls short because of the lack of multimedia.


SpongeBob808 - http://www.angelfire.com/hi5/spongebob808

This site shows that with a little extra work, you can make a great site. The best feature is the huge tour of Bikini Bottom. There's also the common lyrics, pictures taken from other sites, polls, etc. There are a few original ideas there like a SpongeBob awards show. Also, the site looks good, party because of a banner made by you know who ;-)


SpongeBob Square Board - http://emerald.bbboy.net/spongebobsquareboard

This is a good place to go to talk about SpongeBob. If you ask a question there, chances are it'll get answered in a day or so. I don't go there so much anymore, because I don't really have the time, but you'll find a lot of other site owners there.


SpongeRed - http://bis.midco.net/spongered/

SpongeRed is absolutely beautiful. The layout is very well made. It's also organized well. The problem is content; there's near nothing there. There is a tiny image gallery and character section, but thats about it. Also, I don't think that it's been updated in a long while.


SpongeBobSP - http://www.spongebobsp.cjb.net/

There is plenty of information around this site, including forums, fanfics, images, and some other nifty stuff...


Jared's SpongeBob Website - http://www.spongesquare10.com/index.html

There is a bunch of information at this site, but the layout is overdone and confusing.


SpongeWorld - http://www.spongeworld.tk/

This is a brand new site, that could end up good. I'm rating it for what it was when I went there. The layout was revised, and the banners look nice. There isn't much content yet, but there is a comprehensive mp3 section. The site is also Microsoft Agent compatible.


Squidward's Nautical Paradise - http://www.geocities.com/crustykrabber/

This is another older site. The problem with it is it's basically a copy of the nick.com site. All the pics and info are from there. There is a little bit of extra stuff like fan art and fic fiction as well as a forum.


Bubble Stand - http://www.geocities.com/spngebobsp/SpongebobSquarepants.html

There are a lot of sections in the site, but not much stuff in each section. Some of the parts of it look pretty good, too.
Unrated- Sites, that for one reason or another, I chose not to rate.

Scott's SpongeBob site - http://www.geocities.com/dil21613/spongebob_squarepants.html

There are some pretty good character bio's, but not much else. The rest is from other websites. Scott has helped me many times on my site, but I promised to un-biased in my ratings.


SpongeBob Rox - http://www.geocities.com/spongebob_rox_canada/

It's a small site with some movie and merchandise info.


Bikini Bottom email - http://bikini-bottom.deep-ice.com/

It's a site to get an email address at.


Chip's Shrine - http://guiceslawson.tripod.com/spongebob/index.html

There are good character bios, but not much else.


Box Chested - http://geocities.com/boxchested/

Another site with good character bio's. The layout is ok. The problem is there isn't much content.


SpongeBob SquarePants - http://www.geocities.com/jordan_chardin/SpongeBobSquarePants.html

There isn't much content, and much of it is from other sites. It looks ok, so thats good.


Spongeboard - www.spongeboard.tk

It's another message board.

No Man's Land - Avoid it like the sandwich that spent winter break fermenting in your locker.

SpongeBob Fan Club - www.spongebob.net

This is a prime example of a website gone wrong. It was one of the earliest SpongeBob sites, and a lot of people have visited it. It was a good fan club a long time ago, but things have changed. Half the page is now covered with advertisements. In all the time it's been in existence, it was rarely updated. The club section is basically dissolved. Remember people, you don't want to become a spongebob.net! If you value your spongyness, don't visit this site.


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