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SpongeBob Merchandise: Misc.

SpongeBob Toesocks - Sven Muehlbacher

Nice SpongeBob toesocks.

Stationary Pouch - Sven Muehlbacher

stationery pouch - filled with pencils, etc.

Stationary Variety Pack - Sven Muehlbacher

stationary varity pack - different pencils

Push Light - Sven Muehlbacher

Push on push off light for kids.

SpongeBob Wallets - Sven Muehlbacher

SB wallet for girls

SB wallet - unisex :)

the third wallet

Cellphone Case - Sven Muehlbacher

A cover for mobile phones

SpongeBob Notebook - from Shaina

Here's a notebook, which I got mostly because Gary's on it along with SpongeBob. Other than the cover...its just a regular notebook....

SpongeBob Notepad - from Shaina

This is a notepad, and on the cover, SpongeBob is...furry. Its unique really, and pretty cool.

Stuffed Gary - from Shaina

This is a stuffed Gary toy that meows when you squeeze him. His eye-stalks are bendable also. He's not terribly big, and he's really cute.

F.U.N. Clock - from Shaina

This is my SpongeBob clock. It plays the FUN Song as an alarm. When you press the white flower in the middle, it plays the song as well. The song starts off with a loud foghorn, so it can be a little startling when it goes off.

SpongeBob Chapstick - from Shaina

This is chapstick that I ordered from Avon. This one is flavored starfruit, but they had others. It works as well as any other chapstick I suppose...

SpongeBob Tissues - from mike wa guy

The only thing better than SpongeBob tissues... are 2-ply spongebob tissues! This was a promotional offer from Kleenex, you buy 3 boxes of tissues and you get a SpongeBob box for free. Got mine at Wal-mart. The bottom of the tissue box says, "Oh buoy! When it comes to a commotion in the ocean, you'll usually find Spongebob Squarepants nearby. He's always up for some nautical nonsense down in the deep blue sea."

SpongeBob Pencil - from mike wa guy

Bubbley pencil with SpongeBob pencil topper.

SpongeBob Clock - from Shawn Malone

Here is a picture of one of my SpongeBob clocks that
doesn't have a million pics all over the web. I stuck
it to the top of my monitor.

Jellyfish Fields Toy - from SpongePat369

This is a toy from the 2003 SB BK Promotion. (Happy Meal Toys) You can't really tell, but the little sign says, "Jellyfish Fields." You press the Jellyfish at the very bottom, and SpongeBob spins, and so do the Jellyfish.

Gary Wind-up Toy - from SpongePat369

This is SpongePat369, with some more SB stuff. This is a Gary Wind-up toy from the 2003, BK promotion. You wind him up, and he goes, and he is also magnetic, so if you put him up against some metallic surface, he goes.

From Shaina - You wind him up, and he crawls along. There's a magnet attached to him, so he can even go down your fridge! (He's too heavy to go up)

SpongeBob Zip Zips - from SpongePat369

Its a photo of the ZipZaps set. They are Hot Wheels-size remote control cars. Cars are sold separately and each come with one controller. The SpongeBob clip-on covers are also sold separatley. I got all this at Radio Shack. They are also available in a Wild Thornberries set. The Covers do slow them down a lot though.

SpongeBob Keychains - SpongePat369

This is the complete set. I saw them at Albertsons and Toys R Us, but I don't think the Holiday ones are available anymore.

SpongeBob Dancing Doll - SpongePat369

This is the SpongeBob dancing doll. You press a button on the bottom of that green thing, and his joints come apart and he "Dances."

SpongeBob Bookmark - SpongePat369

Heres a shot of the SpongeBob Bookmark I got at borders. I trust you know how it works. Its also available with Patrick, and other Non-SB characters.

Posable Figures - from SpongePat369

Here's a shot of Squidward and Patrick from the spongebob 3-pack. It includes SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward Poseable Figures. (Patrick is not poseable) There is also a 3-pack that includes Mr. Krabs, Gary, and Sandy in a Bikini. I got this one at Suncoast. I am sorry that I could not find the SpongeBob figure.

SpongeBob Toilet Scrubber - by Falco

sb sb...you've gone too far. WAY TOO FAR. A SpongeBob toilet scrubber??? just wow....on the lighter side...it works though....but really of all the ideas?...HEY KIDS LETS GO CLEAN THE TOILET WITH SPONGEBOB!!! sigh...I guess you really can go under the sea and scrub "pineapples" with your good pals SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy....o.O just wow

SpongeBob Blanket - By Mrkrabs

This blanket is made of 204.76% polyester, fleece, and SpongeBob. UH OH...who is that mystery person in the background?????? O.o...hey its me. this blanket provides hours of enjoyment.

SpongeBob Lunch Bag - from Greg Odle

It is Super Insulated with beverage strap and "inside pocket". There is a place to put your name on it.

SpongeBob PJ Pants - by Mrkrabs

These pants provide you with much excitement to go to bed with...they make sleeping so much more fun. They come in different sizes and colors and styles.

SpongeBob Alarm Clock

This thing does it's job really REALLY well. It's hard not to wake up when you have the SpongeBob theme song screaming out at you. The clock is pretty cool too. The purple starfish in the middle is actually a button, so you can play the song whenever you want to. The only problem with the alarm clock is that once the song starts playing, there's no way to stop it unless you take out the batteries. That makes it a little annoying as an alarm clock.

Animated SpongeBob

Its a talking, moving SpongeBob. When you press the button, it says a random quote. Every 2nd time you press it, it plays the SpongeBob theme song. The sound quality seems to be a lot better than on the SpongeBob alarm clock. There are some pretty cool quotes, like "A free pair of socks with every purchase!"

Stuffed SpongeBob

They make stuffed SpongeBobs in a lot of sizes from Barbie-sized to as big as a human. Mine is about a foot tall.

Bikini Bottom Calendar

It's a 16-month calendar with a cool new picture every month. I haven't used mine yet, but I probably should...

SpongeBob Air Fresheners - G Diggs

Air Fresheners. Pack of Three (Winking Spongebob is in the pack twice.) Outdoor Breeze is the scent (not like it matters though)

SpongeBob Plastic Figures - Pic 1 and review by G Diggs, pic 2 from Falco

This came from a vending machine with other Nickelodeon characters.

SpongeBob Posters - review and pic by Falco, more pics from Sven Muehlbacher

Here's a poster I got...uh...its on my door...R0X0RZ *holds up lighter*

SpongeBob Trading Card Game Booster Pack - Falco

Dunno how you play this game...this is just a booster pack...but I see that I got a mega rare card thing in the pack too...shrug...I dunno haha

Keychain - mike wa guy

This came with the trivia book. It's kind of rubbery.

SpongeBob Wrapping Paper - Falco

yeah it wraps gifts...cool beans

SpongeBob Paper Towel - Falco

Our good buddy Marshall gave this to me...I give it two thumbs up...absorbent

Key Chain- Falco

My girlfriend brought this back for me from spring break. she's the bestest. when I get some keys, I'll definately be using that.

SpongeBob Plate - Falco

Not much to comment on...they're square, they're yellow, they have everyones favorite sponge on them(no, not doodle-bob).

SpongeBob Mini-Mug - Falco

I bought this out side of kmart for 50 cents...its really small, but its surprisingly well crafted...but i dont think i'll ever use it for anything...maybe when i get the hankering for an 1/8 shot of espresso this mug will come and save the day.

SpongeBob folder - Falco

A decent folder...it has everyones favorite sport illustrated on it...JELLYFISHING...what could be bad about a folder with jellyfishing on it....nothing.

SpongeBob Sticker - Falco

This is a sticker that I purchased for 50 cents...I guess I got lucky in gettting the 20,000,000 dollar sticker WHOO HOO...I'M GOING TO GLOVE WORLD!

Wendy's Gary Toy

Another Wendy's toy. This one is much more fun. There are wheels on the bottom. When you push him, the disk in the middle spins. The little plastic things in it shake around and make a shaking noise (just like a shaky plastic thing would!). You can also move his eyes. This might just be the best of the Wendy's toys.

Wendy's Patrick Toy

This is a toy from Wendy's. I got it off of the same friend that gave me the lollypop. After you fill Patrick with water, you push in his legs to move around the rings in his body. It's a really crappy game that leaks water all over the place. But, it's a fun Patrick action figure.


I had to scan the tags because the shirt just wouldn't scan right. There are dozens of shirt that use these tags, so use your imagination. I own 4 such shirts.


There are a few different valentines. I got this one from a friend on Valentine's Day.(I can have friends and run a site at the same time!)


There a several designs of these things. I got this one from another friend. There's not much to say except that it stops the bleeding.

SpongeBob Boxers

Falco scanned it for me.(don't ask... really) Again, there are a few different kinds of these. They look cottony and comfortable but I wouldn't know. (I wasn't about to ask him how his boxers felt!)

SpongeBob SquarePants: Race to the Krusty Krab

Reviewed by Marshall

This game is meant for up to four players (ages 7 and up), it has all the normal characters such as SpongeBob; Squidward; Patrick; and Sandy. The luckiest character to play is either Patrick or Sandy, Squidward being the unluckiest! Their are some elements that are very challenging for people to grasp, but the game does move fast. The object is to move both of your players to the Krusty Krab before your opponents do. The game comes with these little coins, which are used to move your players into the Krusty Krab. But you have to watch out for all the lose a turn spaces and the lose three coins spaces. All the spaces pertain with the show like, "Ooops! You ripped your pants. Lose a turn" but if you're Squidward- he doesn't have pants! (As noticed by the creator of this site) What the Helllllllo ! You also have to watch which way you are moving...and one final note: HAVE FUN, its about SpongeBob!!!!!!!!

SpongeBob lunchbox

This thing is pretty cool. It, like a lot of the stuff on this page, belongs to my friend Marshall. I don't know if he really brings it to school or not, because I don't live there anymore : (. Well, back to the review. The metal construction should make this thing last for a while. There are pictures of SpongeBob & crew on all 4 sides of it. And, of course, you put food inside it.

SpongeBob notepad from Wendy's

It's just another of the SpongeBob toys from Wendy's. Its notepad, to write notes on I guess. Not much else to say about it.

SpongeBob thank-you notes

It's a pack of 8 thank-you notes, so you can thank 8 people. This is another piece from Marshall's collection.

SpongeBob touch light

It's one of those lights that turns on when you press it. The one in the picture was off because we couldn't find batteries for it. The light on it is just reflection from the flash of the camera. Using a digital camera actually worked pretty well.

Inflatable SpongeBob

Wow, a blow-up SpongeBob. Of all the crazy ideas. That's Marshall's arm in the picture. I guess he was trying to gain a little online fame. The Spongy dude takes a little time to inflate, but he ends up being decent sized.

SpongeBob pillowcase

Another one of Marshall's things. A pillowcase to protect your pillow's from bed bugs, dust bunnys, and drool. But what good is a pillowcase without...

... A SpongeBob pillow!

Though, you wouldn't want to use this pillow for sleeping on. This is also Marshall's. It's pretty cool. The body is sown into the pillow, but the arms and legs are off of it. Well, I'm done with Marshall's collection. I have a few from Falco somewhere, and I'll add those if I ever find the CD.

What is that thing? Those pics are so small.

After a short conversation with Falco(who sent the pics), I found out that its acutally a bowling ball. So Falco the bowling-master has been going out there and throwing SpongeBob at a bunch of pins. Sounds like fun.

SpongeBob Mousepad

My buddy Marsh sent me this scan of his SpongeBob mousepad. Perfect for playing SpongeBob games, writing emails, and whatever else you do on your computer (don't tell me, I dont want to know)

SpongeBob Kick Ball

In another attempt to contol the universe, Nickelodeon is invading the playground. A SpongeBob kickball really makes a lot of sense since SpongeBob isn't round or rubbery.

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