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SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula for GBC

Reviewed by Cmonkey

     Again it's time for a SpongeBob game review. By reading previous reviews, you can pretty much guess what any SpongeBob game would be like. Things like "too short", "bad controls", and "wow this stinks" might come to mind. The average score of about 2 of 5 doesn't help either. And surprise, this game is absolutely the same thing.


     The actual in-game graphics aren't bad for a GBC game, and most of the character models are pretty accurate. But, there are some pretty wierd looking ones like Mermaid Man and Plankton. The environments are decent. The buildings and backgrounds look pclose the the real(real?) thing. The real beauty of it is in the cutscenes. They are still images that look amazing! It actually looks like a SpongeBob episode.


     Gameplay is, of course, the meat and potatos of every videogame, not the side salad and small Coke like graphics and sound are. Now that everyones hungry, I'm going to tell you that this game is just burnt bacon and brussel sprouts. The enemies are terrible. Most of them try to walk into you as thier attack. The weapons are pretty cool, and they can take care of most baddies easily. The real problem is jumping. The jump is really delayed and can't be controlled well. If you happen to miss a tiny moving platform, you end up falling to bottom of the level, possibly onto water (shouldn't be a problem for a sponge, right?... wrong), lava, or enemies. Falling can mean certain death.


     The game is actually pretty close to what Bikini Bottom is like. It has a lot of lines straight from the show. Most of the levels are from SpongeBob episodes. Most of the major characters are present, and they act just like they would in the show. The only way it could have really been better would be if you could enter the buildings.


     The controls really mess up what could have been a really good game. The rest of the game is pretty solid, and probably as good as it can get on a GBC. For the score, remember that average up there?


2 out of 5

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