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SpongeBob Merchandise: Food and Candy

SpongeBob Candy Buddies - Sven Muehlbacher

Spongebob as pirate filled with candy.

Spongebob as cowboy - also filled with candy

Spongebob as sportsman - you know it? yes filled with candy :)

SpongeBob String Cheese - Falco

Its good string cheese...yeah...mucho r0x0rs

SpongeBob Gum - Pictures from AndyP89 and Sven Muehlbacher

It's some SpongeBob gum that a Sponge Zone visitor bought from a dollar store. Pineapple is a good fruit and maybe a good house, but bubble gum?

Five Alive - Mike Crane

This is an offer by Five Alive and Minute Maid juice boxes. When you buy a pack of juice boxes, you get a trading card, one for every flavour, and an offer for a Spongebob plush toy.

SpongeBob Marshmellow Lollypop - Falco

Not bad…its like a Peep that you get for Easter…its fat free…wow…I give it a passing rating.

Patrick Lollypop - Falco

Just like the SpongeBob gummy thing…tasted good…kind of sour…*shrug*

SpongeBob Ice Cream - Falco

SpongeBob ice cream-sweet really sweet…had caramel and cookie in it, not bad…too sweet for my liking though.

Easter Candy- Falco

…ewww, it tasted horrid, (worse than glove worlds candy) but the egg and stickers were cool…the candy's taste was like a mix between cough syrup and sweet tarts, two thumbs down.

Valentine candy- Falco

Heart shaped box, had little crunch bars in it. They were in the shape of hearts. I think there were like 10. This candy smites down that nasty Easter candy.

SpongeBob Hershey's Chocolate

It's a yummy chocolate treat for those of you who like almonds. It even includes a contest entry form. The best part is, it was $0.69!

SpongeBob Sovenier Drink Cup

It's a bit taller than it looks in the picture, and quite a bit bigger. Including the straw it stands nearly a foot tall. I picked it up while on a chorus trip to Universal Studios Orlando. It was 12$ including $0.89 refills all day long. I figured it was worth it because I was really thirsty. Although someone did say that I was drinking SpongeBob's brains. :-D


A SpongeBob lollypop.

It's a little smaller than shown in the picture. It's soft, sugary, and tastes great. : ). It's sold in a pack of a dozen. It's also sold separatly.

SpongeBob frozen thingy

It's ice cream shaped like SpongeBob with Gumballs in it. I guess it would taste pretty good. I think they might be taking this SpongeBob product stuff too far.

Wendy's Kids' Meal

This was the bag from when they had SpongeBob toys there. There's some interesting puzzles and games on it.

SpongeBob Cheese Nips

Another edible SpongeBob, but this time you can eat Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy too! I'm guessing it tastes just like regular Cheese Nips. This is a high quality scan from Falco, and I'm guessing he ate it too.

SpongeBob Macaroni & Cheese.

Just another way to capitalize on the success of SpongeBob. This one has Gary in it. Not surprising, since everyone loves Gary. This is another thing from Falco.

Nickelodeon Fun Fruits

This one isn't just SpongeBob, but its still Spongy enough to include in this section. They are fruit snacks shaped like characters from the current Nick toons. This is the last one from Falco's collection.

SpongeBob Chocolate Coins

Solid Gold Coins..*Mr. Krabs rushes in and dives for them*... made out of chocolate...*Mr. Krabs walks back out pretending like nothing happened.*.

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