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SpongeBob SuperPants v2

Made by Bobby Fishkin

Reviewed by Falco
     Alright, I enjoyed this remake of the original…but then again, I wouldn't called it a remake. It has been upgraded though. Some of the levels are quite nicely designed. it also has some added sounds…but nothing that special. It is better put together than the original though. IT HAS A STORY.
     The orginals plot…the full plot: " Plankton is trying to take over the Krusty Krab, to do so he has created giant clones of himself. Try to defeat him and anyone else to save the Krusty Krab!!!!"
     V2's plot: It was just an ordinary day at the Krusty Krab until Plankton once again tried to steal the krabby patty secret recipe but Mr. Krabs stopped him " you'll pay for this Krabs," Plankton threatened. But this time Mr. Krabs payed all right he payed. The next day was ordinary until BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! The Krusty Krab was bombed; SpongeBob then saw tons of Planktons and Patricks. "Patrick!" SpongeBob cried, then POW! SpongeBob was knocked unconsious. Then the next thing he is in a strange place; it's now SpongeBob's job to find Plankton and defeat him!
     Bottom line though...this game still has some of the annoyances of the first. THERE ARE NO SPONGEBOB SOUNDS. But really, I think any Spongebob fan can enjoy this platformer. If you've taken the time to read my review, or even skim it, I think that this game is a must download…take my word for it.


4 out of 5!

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