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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie for Windows

Reviewed by Sponge-Tron_X

     Based On The Movie, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Video Game Delivers Great Fun, For All But PC. Like usual, THQ and Nickelodeon Games video games come out for consoles are great, but then the same game comes out for PC, and its blah. So, you can probably see were this review is head, but if not, continue on....


     This one has some nice graphics. The backgrounds are quite similar to the film, and, just overall, really great graphics. Not much to say about it. Well, at least, the graphics are good for SpongeBob on PC.


     This is were it all goes down hill. Now the game is just missing something. I mean, its fun, but then that's it. I don't see much reply value, and the game can get boring. Also since it is just like the movie, like a 100% similar, for those whom haven't yet to discover the film, may get parts of it spoiled. Now, the game itself could have been great, but it wasn't made to be.


     Lets go back up that hill. Were are we, San Francisco up and Down Up And Down. Anyway, the controls are nice. It gets annoying to wait for SpongeBob to walk slowly a cross the screen, but if you click on the destination plenty of times SpongeBob moves faster. It uses a mouse, if you haven't already guessed.


     You are now leaving Mt. Everest. The games score is going downhill. The game could have been great, and I suggest you borrow it, of if possible rent it before making the final decision, but I can safely say that you should like the console version.


2 out of 5
Only because some of the best parts (and most of the game) were put into video instead of gameplay.

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