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December 2002

12-31-02 Cmonkey

Its the last update of the year! Not much new, I just added one more site to the Links section. I have something big planned for the New Year. I'll try to get a preview of it up tomarrow. Trust me, you'll enjoy it.

12-29-02 Cmonkey

11 new group pictures. I've made banners for two different sites already, just ask if you want one. I got an email from a SpongeBob fan today who made a 3 foot tall SpongeBob out of Legos! It looks really cool. You can see pictures of it and get instructions on how to make it at www.lvcm.com/meenkee/

12-27-02 Cmonkey

Theres another 15 new misc. pics. Time for group pics now.

12-25-02 Cmonkey

Merry Christmas! Apparently you've been good this year, because you're gettin 15 new misc. pics. One of them is animated. If you have a website, and need a new banner, email me; I might just be able to help you.

12-23-02 Cmonkey

8 more misc. character pics. I'm done with that, and now it's time for regular misc. pics.( I need a better labeling system :-P ) Also, I modified the links section a bit. Due to popular demand, I added an unrated section. Any sites that had a score of 2 or less, or were too new to accurately rate, were added to the section. I also stuck anything that had a 1 or less into a no man's land section. Aviod it like the plague.

12-21-02 Cmonkey

There are 9 more misc character pics. There are still a few left. Winter break has finally arrived! I'm ready to forget everything that I learned in the last 4 months.

12-19-02 Cmonkey

Now that my projects are done, and winter break is on the horizon, I can get back to regular updates. I added 7 more misc. character pics. There's still about 10 more left.

12-17-02 Cmonkey

I figured that I might as well fix the side picture since the top one is fixed. I used the SpongeBob font that Aaron Doyle made. Email me with comments or suggestions. (such as: "it looks like somebody barfed out a cheeseburger on the screen" or "it looks half-decent")

12-16-02 Cmonkey

Instead of doing my English paper (like a good student would have done), I decided to spruce up the site a bit; yes "spruce up". If you come to this site a lot, you probably already noticed what changed before you read this. I fixed up the banner so it blends better with the page. Now it doesnt look like I just duct-taped it on. I'm still going to make a new layout, but I have to wait until things clear up a bit.

12-15-02 Cmonkey

You're probably wondering why I haven't updated this weekend. I have a confession to make. I've...*gasp*... been involved with another site. No, it's not what you think! It was just a weekend! There's nothing that can stand between us! Ok, back to reality. I spent the entire weeked working on a website for a history project. It's about the Russian Space Program. If you really want to see it, it's russiaspace.shacknet.nu . I'm goin to go back to updating Sponge Zone in a few days; I have an english paper to write :-(

12-11-02 Cmonkey

With today's update, there are 8, yes eight!, new pictures in the misc characters section. I'm going to be a bit busy with school work (2 projects due within 3 days of each other, what a pain) for the next week, but I'll try to add a few more pics on Friday. And, some bad/good/depends-on-how-you-look-at-it news: Somehow, my website stats got erased. I had somewhere between 200,000 and 999999999999999999 hits in the last few months :-P. The good news is Web1000 added a few extra tracking features. I don't think it was worth the trade, but oh well.The depends-on-how-you-look-at-it news is that people have visited the site 24/7 since they redid the stats( they added an hourly tracker). People have middle of the night SpongeBob cravings!

12-8-02 Cmonkey

4 more pics of Mr. Krabs. Next up is misc characters.

12-5-03 Cmonkey

I love snow! We had a half day of school today (5-9 inches of beautiful powder), so I had enough time to make 6 pictures of Mr. Krabs. One of them is animated. Theres still a few more left for Krabs, and then its misc characters.

12-3-02 Cmonkey

I only had time for 2 more pics of Krabs today. I really want to buy www.spongezone.com, but stranglyspongy@cs.com currently owns it until 2004 :-(

12-1-02 Cmonkey

December already! It's the first day of the month, and you know what that means. Time to rip another page off the calender!, oh and its time to update the letters section. There are 3 more letters there. Keep on sending those emails, you might just make it next month. Also, I added 2 more pics of Mr. Krabs.

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