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SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge for GBA

Reviewed by Cmonkey

Developer: Hey Kids! How would you like to have a interactive episode of SpongeBob to take anywhere you want!

Kids: Yippee!

Developer: Well thats too bad, isn't it. Instead you're going to get this mediocre port of Mario that somehow manages to be nothing like SpongeBob or Mario.

Kids: *cry*

Graphics & Sound

     The graphics are probably the only good part about the game. They are a nice combination of moving backgrounds and animated sprites. There are a few 3D objects that look pretty cool too. There's only one problem. None of the stuff looks like its from SpongeBob. Aside from the still image cutscenes, it's nothing like SpongeBob. It's like the Developers never watched a single episode. The sound feels like it was added at the last moment. None of the familiar SpongeBob sounds are in it. Not even the theme song. The music in the game is just boring tunes and there are practically no sound effects.


     The gameplay is nice in some levels but absolutely horrifying in others. The controls work fairly well but sometimes it feels like the attack is unresponsive. There are a few original levels that are really fun , but most of the concepts and level plans look like they were stolen right from Mario. Floor saws, swinging axes on the ceilings, even an inside the whale level. It's practically copyright infringement. Thats not bad though becuase Mario was always fun. The difficulty level is really easy on everything except for the bosses. Some of them were nearly impossible to beat. It wasn't exactly designed to be kid-friendly. Also, the game never truely feels like SpongeBob. SpongeBob is the only actual character in the game. You never encounter the other citizens of Bikini Bottom. It's like someone took another platformer and just pasted SpongeBob into it.


I recommend staying away from this game unless you absolutly have to own a portable SpongeBob game. Just buy Mario Advanced and pretend that SpongeBob is in it. Trust me, you'll have more fun that way.


3 out of 5

Legal Crap:
SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. SpongeBob SquarePants was created by Stephen Hillenburg.

What that means in English:
I don't own SpongeBob. I am not SpongeBob. I did not make SpongeBob. I am just a fan with a website. If you want to say "I love your show", then email somebody at www.nick.com. You won't believe how many people email me thinking that I'm SpongeBob, or that I made the show. So, theres the truth, enjoy it.

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