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June 2004

Stritter: I am a retired Sailor from the U.S. Navy. I heard a song in 1976 about a sailor named Barnacle Bill the Sailor. For many years I tried to locate this song. Came close twice in Califronia but the tape was stollen twice before I could get it. Go figure. Anyways when my two year old and his Mother started to watch this Spongebob Cartoon the song came back to me and it sure fit the song but not the lyrics to this cartoon. The song was made in the early 1900's for a Vaudeville act if I remember correctly. If you sing Barnacle Bill the Sailor to the Spongebob part it fits. I do not want to go into the other lyrics for they are very suggestive and X rated. I think the song was made by two guys in 1930 something. I found it in 1995 and lost it due to someone stealing it before I could purchase it. It was not purchased for they where holding it for me. So I am sure it was stolen. Anyways I am looking for validity to my story and still in search of this great song. I tried to email some of the sites and that did not work. Thank You for your cooperation.
Thank You
Harry Knight Stritter
Salty Sailor

Cmonkey: I searched around the internet and found many different versions of the song with different lyrics. It does sound a lot like the theme song for SpongeBob. http://www.heptune.com/barnbill.html has some information about the song.

Mohre Kim: I work as a dental assistant, and i needed a crown, so i gave a picture to the lab that made it and asked them to place it on there. It's on there for life. On the opposite side I'm having Patrick!!! cool huh.

Cmonkey: Wow, thats awesome. I didn't know that was possible.

Marcelo Canepa Guerra: Consulta tienen ustedes entre sus productos DVD de Bob esponja para la region 4 o si tienen para otras zonas pero con Audio en español. Gracias

Cmonkey: You'll have to contact Paramount for more information, but I think there are dubbed versions of SpongeBob DVDs for sale.

May 2004

Ray McDonald: They aren't nautical flags, they are country flags, the Scottish flag, the Spanish and many more are there.

Cmonkey: I don't think those are country flags. The Spanish flag is not there.

skylineracer200@hotmail.com: Dear creator of spongebob,
I hate you, I really******* hate you. You have created the ****** series to come out of Nickelodeon (Nick is starting to become ******** anyway). I'm glad your leaving Nick because I won't have to listen to that ****** anymore.

Cmonkey: Congratulations, you're the stupidest person on earth. Guess what, genius. I'm not Stephen Hillenburg. I'm a fan with a website. If you don't like the show, don't watch it. Even though he is leaving the show, SpongeBob will be on Nick for years.

Tim & Donna Kennedy: Hello would you know how to upload a font (the spongebob one, lol! to microsoft works...i am having bad as trouble doing this and i needa use this font urgently! Hope to hear from you soon.

Cmonkey: Copy and paste the font file in the C:/Windows/Fonts/ folder. You can use it in Works after that.

April 2004

Somebody: Hey, I liked your site. I was wondering what program you used and what font you used for the banner. Please e-mail the font and tell me the font. thanks.

Cmonkey: I used a SpongeBob font. I just searched Google for it. I used Photoshop for the banner.

Laura: hey thanks for writing me, whats your real name just the first, hehe Cmonkey i no isnt your real name todalu well just wonderen bye

Cmonkey: Sorry, I don't tell people my name.

Scott Whipkey: whats up w/ the halo 2 background in the multimedia? just wondering if a page monitor stuck it there on accident...or maybe not.

Cmonkey: I don't remember why I put it there, but Halo 2 is going to be an awesome game.

And once again, a special thanks to idiots all over the world. Thanks to you, viruses like Netsky.A to Z, MyDoom, Novarg, and others, are spreading like butter on bread... or something like that. Anyway, is it really that hard to run up to date antivirus software? Here's a novel idea: don't open email attachments called omg_not_a_virus_open_this.pif. Thank you for over 2000 virus emails in the last thirty days.
March 2004

Michael Dunn: Hello this is Michael Dunn with the United States Coast Guard. Myself and another Coast Guard member have noticed the nautical signal flags hanging above the door of the Krusty Krab, as well as Krab's office. We request to know what these flags represent. We have applied our seagoing, nautical experience and have come to realize that the order of these flags hold no specific meaning. Do you know if these flags are just in a random order or if they spell something unknown to us? Thank you for your time.

Cmonkey: I think it's just a random set of flags drawn onto it. I haven't been able to find any meaning behind them.

David Russo: Do you have any of the videos in a different format? I don't have Divx so I downloaded it but I have a Mac and its a file that only Windows reads. I have QuickTime Player, RealOne Player, and Windows Media Player, so I think any other format would work.

Cmonkey: I'm pretty sure that there is a Divx player for Mac. Check www.divx.com.

Karla Landeros: I don't know if this is where I need to write in order to ask any questions about Sponge Bob. My four year old son just asked me why there are no sharks or octopuss in the cartoon episodes. Also if Sponge Bob, Patrick or Squidword will ever have girlfriends. Both my six year old daughter and my son love Sponge Bob and so do I.

Cmonkey: Squidward is actually an octopus. A shark is a minor character in one of the episodes. I doubt any of them will.

February 2004

Lavvan: How did you make your website?Please tell me all the important details

Cmonkey: I learned Html. I used it to make the pages. I used Photoshop to make the pictures. I uploaded it to my webhost. Thats basically all of it. Check www.webmonkey.com for help.

LinkinParkSlave: where are u located? maybe we talk sometime

Cmonkey: Umm... online.

MyDoom: And the special letter of the month is from the author the the MyDoom virus. I'd like to personally thank you for filling my inbox. The current count is 743 virus emails since January 26th. So, heres to a future full of... full inboxes...
January 2004

Alison: Hey Cmonkey,
Its your fellow SZ and friend Alison. I'd just like to say after many hours of obsessing, I am now taking claim to the title of your number one fan. Your the best person I know and ever will. I challenge anyone who wants to be your number one fan to a test. Anyway i really appreciate your site, and hope that we can soon find out information about the new movie soon. Thanks a bunch,
Your #1 Fan,

Cmonkey: Wow. You might be my number one fan, but I'm definately your number one fan. Seriously, I talk to you more than I talk to anyone else. You're too good to be true...

Joannie: salut je me nomme joannie et j`adore bob l`éponge. J`aimerais avoir plus d`information sur spongebob. merci et réponder moi vite vite.......Je vous attent

Cmonkey: je ne parle pas français

rex: as if it's not already apparent by my visit to your site, i am an adoring squarepants fan. i frequently make use of your pics, which you have so generously provided, to decorate my notebook; regardless of the odd looks i receive from others. (universities aren't usually somewhere you'd expect to see children's cartoons) nonetheless, i think that you are doing a fabulous job. i was also wondering if it would be at all possible for you to post more images of spongebob in his underwear. i find them most amusing, and it would be a lifegiving sparkle in my seemingly neverending stressful student life. (no pressure, if you are unable to provide, i still have my horrifying pink font keeping me from my own sanity) at any rate, i must get on with it, and let you the same. again; kudos on the site, you've done a remarkable job. i apologize for this bothering mess, and thank you for your time.

Cmonkey: Heh, thats cool. A lot of people who visit my site are older than you. Hmm, I'll keep the underwear comment in mind the next time I post SpongeBob pics.

December 2003

Alex: hey!!! haha... i'm a great fan of spongebob from singapore!!but singapore doesn't have any shop that sells spongebob stuff...only some,which i bought already...and some toy shops,even thought it was a toungue twister!!haha...weird isn't it...i really wish it has..but i just founf out something really cool..there's gona be a spogebob musical coming to singapore!!rock on!!

Cmonkey: Yea, it's hard to find SpongeBob stuff internationally. SpongeBob musical, thats cool!

Scott: C Monkey you will never believe what i found.
I was searching the Web for Spongebob and I found this website that is underconstruction.
Its called Sponge World and it says they are going to Rule the internet.
It said that he was a former member of The Sponge Zone and that the Sponge World is going to be way better............

Cmonkey: I'll believe it when I see it. People have been saying that for a long time, but none of them ever build sites that are worth looking at.

Lilnappyhead: How did you get all of those pics??? are you also a spongebob freak???? i'm guessing yeah well just wanna 2 know.

Cmonkey: I got the pics from the DVDs. I'm not a SpongeBob freak, I'm just a fan.

November 2003

Daniel: Hi, spongebob. I am one of your best fans. I can never stop watching you on tv. I am turning my room into you. I have a sister that never watches tv. I cant stop.My name is Daniel. My address is ***********. My house number is **. My zip code is *****. My town is ******. Well I hope you can give me a note in my male box.

Cmonkey: Hi, I'm not SpongeBob. I'm just a fan with a website

Darian: im ready im ready hi my name is darian i watch ur show every day unless im in scholl im nine9 years old i went into ur pic. and they r k0ol i printted all of theme

Cmonkey: Hi, I'm not SpongeBob. I'm just a fan with a website.

Hannah: My friend and I are Spongebob's #1 fans, it would be very nice to have a autographed picture of you. Adress: ************************************.

Cmonkey: Hi, I'm not SpongeBob. I'm just a fan with a website.

October 2003
Jason Minton: Thought you might like this. Yes it is real.

Cmonkey: Wow, thats crazy.

1kenny: What program did U use to make the site?

Cmonkey: I used many different programs. Some were Dreamweaver 4, Photoshop 7, and Notepad.

Rohaidi Zainon Filzah: hey cmonkey, I'm a huge SpongeBob fan from singapore and all my friends watch SpongeBob too. But one day they just up and cancelled the show on our local channel! I don't get cable, so I cant watch anymore. I'm really angry, coz its not like there's even any SpongeBob merch around here. Anyway, love your site, and considering that I'm 15 too, you know tons more about making websites. Hope you keep on improving it.

Cmonkey: Wow, thats horrible that they stopped showing it. :-(

September 2003

Dimitri Moraetes: In some of your old polls what is mashed potatoes mean?

Cmonkey: Its an edible substance created by grinding potatoes.

Valerie Kelly: Hello this site is supose to have pis where are they this is like such a stupid site and a waste of time. and i think i forgot to mention that you are very stupid to say there are pics in here.

Cmonkey: Go get a dictionary and look up the word "multimedia". The pics are there.
carolyn: yo I luv spongebob, ur site is tight. I had a spongebob necklace but the charm fell off sumwhere...: ( *tear* where can I get a new one?

Cmonkey: Thanks. Umm, you can probably get one from a store like hot topic.
August 2003

SpongeSquare10: How does the thing work with the CD drive? Also it doesn't work for me, but it works for my friend...

Cmonkey: It's just some code. It only works if the person has Windows Media Player installed.

Cammy567: Did you not say that the reason you showed the large room in the Patricks bedrrom rather than the one where there is a kitchen from I'm Stupid is that the room you showed turned up in more than one episode. I think it came in only one episode, the one with the box.

Cmonkey: No, I said that I only showed the one big room because thats the only one I could get pictures of.

Meg J: Thank you so much for the great Spongebob backgrounds! I used the one with him blushing and it is ADORABLE. I just bought a Spongebob mousepad and was looking for a good background to go with it.

Cmonkey: Cool, matching mousepad and background. Now all you need is a SpongeBob computer ;-)

July 2003

Kristen Koback: Just wanted to agree with you that Gary is the best he he and let everyone know LET YOUR PETS WATCH SB!!!!!!!!! My rabbit loves sponge bob. Gary is his favorite too though. I bought a talking Gary from work and he wasn't happy till I had it on top his cage. Now he gets mad if you move it off you can only touch his Gary to make it meow! And to let you all know don't feel bad for likelikingp;sponge bob at at any age I'm 20 years old and i watch sponge bob with my rabbit almost every day. Sounds strange I know but rabbits are very intelligent animals. He even has the time mememorizedhat it comes on (animals remember certain things when they are done rerepetitivelyike feedings around the same time daily and in my case when sponge bob comes on also). I also have other animals and they like sponge bob but it is Wickets favorite. Well hope I got my points across to you all about age, animal s and Gary. Gotta go watch now i hear the bunny stomping for me to come put it on.

Cmonkey: Thats cool, everyone likes SpongeBob!

CarolK1217: There have been two more DVD's out and a 6th one is on the way, and yet you haven't updated the picture section. Why?????

Cmonkey: Because time doesn't grow on trees... or something like that. I've been busy working on other parts of the site. Adding pictures is probably the most boring part of the site. I'm thinking about doing one episode every day this summer to try to finish off both the DVDs before the 6rd one comes out.

Rcoll61: when do u think the chat is going to be back up? its been down for days could u email me back asap. thanks!

Cmonkey: The chat went down with the server. It's going to be back up pretty soon. Compbrain is working on it.

June 2003
Gareth Davies: Hi in spongebob volleyball if you press F5 at any point in the game then press F6, you will return to the exact place as you were when you pressed F5!!! The ball will be in the exact place and same with the characters. If you press F5 at the title screen you can even go back to the title screen whenever you want by pressing F6 instead of exiting and reopening the program! Did you know this, and if you did, why didn't you post it on the website? was i meant to be a hidden cheat or something? Also you can push the ball into the post then use it as a stepping stone to reach the opponent's side it's pretty hard to pull off though. Oh yeah and what software did you use to make the game if you used Project FUN then i can send you a game i made

Cmonkey: The F5 and F6 is a save/load feature, but I didn't mention it because I figured it wasn't really necessary for a Volleyball game. I know about the net bug, but theres not much I can do about it. I made the game with Gamemaker 5.0.
John Larson: Is it true that you are the owner of spongebob online?because when I was searching spongebob one of the resualts was spongebobmain it said by
cmonkey of The sponge zone.is all that stuff true?

Cmonkey: No, I made the banner for SpongeBob online, not the site. PCbob made SpongeBob Online.
Kimber: Hi, My name is kimber and I was just wondering if you have any screen savers that are compatible with windows XP home. I sure would like to get one for my boyfriend, he really loves spongebob. I think he would dig it if I could surprise him with one. Thanks a lot I hope that you can help me.

Cmonkey: I don't have any screensavers yet, but I am planning on making one eventually.
May 2003

Falco: our lan party was great, but how bout u don’t blow me up when im on your team lol. HEY LOOK I RE-SPAWNED RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TANK *BOOM. Do you know where I can purchase a magic conch…and is there a difference between the conch signal and the magic conch? hmmmm…
*NOTICE* more people need to come and chat with us on #spongebob it'll b mo fun that way. I guess I should also mention that if any one acts up on the chat…u may have to see the wrath of sirbors…[thunder and lightning]
imagine this…a live action sb movie….*(stares into space) ooooooo
p.s. "Larry" wink wink is in stage one…hopefully we'll have him running in a month eh? *wink wink

Cmonkey: I'm not even going to acknowledge that with an answer.
p.s. Yes, Larry is going to be ready to kick butt as soon as you start working on him...

John Larson: do you have a download page?

Cmonkey: Download page for what... Theres nothing to download.

April 2003
Avenengers: What will you do with your site when spongebob concludes?

Cmonkey: I'll probably keep working on it until I go to college in 2005.
Katie: I just heard a rumor that SpongeBob SquarePants was about to be canceled because some little kid supposedly killed himself by trying to find them at the bottom of the sea. Have you heard this news? If so, is it true?? Thank you

Cmonkey: I've heard the news and it's absolutely false. People just want something to blame, and SpongeBob was an easy choice. I'm surprised people didnt blame it on Grand Theft Auto 3 like they usually do. The reality of it is that the kid slipped off the deck of a ship and drowned. SpongeBob is being cancelled for a different reason. The creator of the series, Stephen Hillenburg, left the show to work on the movie, which will be in theaters on November 19th, 2004. Right now, it appears that he won't be returning to the show after the movie. Nickelodeon isn't making the mistake of continuing the show themselves, like they have in the past with other shows.

RapidB8154: hey first of all jsut wondering did you downloaded movies made legally. Your only allowed to copy 7 seconds of stuff unless you get permission by the creator. Also if it is safe could i use a video or two for my website project at my school it wont be a public website.

Cmonkey: I bought the DVDs. There is no law that says 7 seconds, a 1/2 second clip is still illegal.without permission. Also, the creator has no jurisdiction over SpongeBob. Viacom owns SpongeBob, and they would be the people I would have to get permission from, which would never happen because they wouldn't be making any money out of the deal Realistically, Viacom could shut down my site for the video clips I posted. You could use the clips.

March 2003
Patrick_Squarepants:If you know the answers to these questions, I would greatly appreciate a reply.
1. Why is there a krabby patty vault if Spongebob thinks they should all be
eaten fresh?
2. Why does the Krusty Krab menu keep changing?
3. Why does no one seem to notice that Squidward has no clothes on, except the
shirt, yet in the episode "Squid's Day Off"
the mother cares when he does not have his shirt?
4.Why is Spongebob so scared of the Redge and the other guys entering the
Salty Spitoon when even Flex the flounder
could not inflict any pain on him?
5.In the episode "Something Smells", Patrick cannot smell, but in the
episode "Wet Painters", Patrick pulls all this nose
hair out and in the episode "Rock-a-bye Bivalve" he smells the dirty diaper. Do
you believe they just make some of this
stuff so that it suits the episode?
6. Where does Squidward get his clarinet playing skills in "Squidville" when
there is plenty of evidence that he is not very good
at playing the clarinet in many other episodes?
7.Why doesn't Spongebob just quit when Mr. Krabbs loses his contract
in "Welcome to the Chum Bucket"?
8. How do the poison sea urchins get in Sandy's suit in "Nature Pants" when
not even water can?

Cmonkey: The answer to every one of those questions and a million other ones is that
its a cartoon. Cartoonists just do whats good for the episode. Besides,
it's a talking sponge, a dumb starfish, a greedy crab, an underwater
squirrel, and a snail that smarter than the rest of town; anything can

Celerette: When or will you be giving spongezone a new layout?

Cmonkey: I just did in January. I'm concentrating on adding content for a while now. I'll add more themes to the current layout in a month or two. I might have a Patrick or Gary theme.

Lanceandgrey: in the tour of patrick's house you say that he only has one room. But in the episode "I'm with stupid" patrick talks to spongebob in his kitchen, proving that he also has a kitchen

Cmonkey: Yea, but in a few other episodes, like the ones on the DVD's that I could get pictures from, there's only one room.

February 2003

@me: I have one question for you. why do you say: P.S.: Many of these pictures are nowhere else on the net. PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY PICS!!! Ask for permission if you want to use them on your website.
do you think that's canna work.??? you can set a password on your site so nobody can steal your pics.....

Cmonkey: I know that a lot of people just take my pics without asking, and I know that I could use javascript to stop people from right-clicking and saving the pics, which would stop all but the most determined people. But, I don't want to. Mainly because a lot of people just want to print out the pictures and use them for personal purposes. Also, when people want to use them for thier websites, they would have to list each specific picture that they want, and I would have to take the time to email each of them.

Manders: Just had a crazy little question for you....on your page where you have the pics of patrick...the one where he is holding what appears to be a spoon that is smoking...which episode did that come from? I don't recall that seen, and crazy enough looks like he's about to smoke a bowl...hehe...thank you, Amanda...

Cmonkey: Haha, umm... I think thats from "Jellyfishing" when Patrick is feeding Squidward soup. Feeding soup to Squidward I mean, not soup made out of Squidward.

sgrfroggie: hmm....spongebob......i think he has an annoying laugh and it can really get on my nerves sumtimes....i wanna strt a bonfire and throw spongebob in it...n e wayz patrick is better but my favorite character is probably gary....hes solemn...yup..--->dont post this or sponge luvers will hunt me down and assasinate....later

Cmonkey: We all hate the laugh. Besides, Gary is the best anyway. (sorry froggie)

January 2003
Irippedmypants63: hey ur really slaking off on ur webpage i really think you should speed up because ur last update was 12-5-o2 and its the 8th

Cmonkey: I try to update at least once every 3 days, but I have a life. I was in new Jersey for the whole weekend. Besides, most SpongeBob sites update a LOT slower than mine.
TidusGirl10: Um...just wanting to tell you that 'SpongeBob: Employee of the Month" has been out for awhile...cause I have it. Thanx! Just letting ya know!

Cmonkey: Ya, I know, but I stopped updating the Video Game section. So few people actually look at it. (since I just posted this letter, everyone can rush over to Games just to prove me wrong)
Marshall Florence: um yes mr cmonkey sir, I was wondering what is sbsp's middle name?
concerned friend,
MARSHbob squarepants

Cmonkey: *confused look on face*, err...shut up marsh.
December 2002

Kevin Jordan: Hi, I e-mailed you a while ago about using pictures off your site. I have two questions. 1) how did you get 200,000+ visitors since 4/6/02!?!?!?!?! 2) where do you get pictures from? and how did you save 11 GB?

Cmonkey: 1) I'm wondering the same thing. There are really 2 ways of getting hits. 1. People find your site. 2. People keep returning to your site. To get people to my site, I tried to get listed in as many search engines as I could. To keep people, I had to make a good website. A key aspect of getting people to return is updating frequently. If I updated every day, I could have had even more hits. If people expect there to be something new at a site, they'll visit every day. 2) I get the pictures off the DVD's. It used to be a long and complicated process that involved ripping the entire DVD's to my hard drive. Those rips took up 11GB of space. I just got new software that lets me take screenshots straight off the DVD, so I no longer need the rips on my hard drive. I just saved 11GB.

Gareth Davies: Spongebob Revenge of the Flying Dutchman for GBA is already out! It says it hasn't come out yet on your site. I borrowed it from my friend and beat it! And just to tell you, a cheat code to open the last level is H0X1J?

I knew it was out, but I stopped updating my videogames section because so
few people actually go to it. Only about 3% of my hits come from it.

Avenengers: Hey Mr. Sponge dude. I got a question, why isn't sandy still living in Texas?

Cmonkey: Maybe she was looking for adventure. She loves extreme sports, so I guess being a squirrel underwater is just another one.

November 2002

Christian Beaudry: Why does SpongeBob live in a pineapple ? Does he have a girlfriend ?

Cmonkey: I don't know why they made him live in a pineapple. The only thought I had was, biological diagrams of sponges usually look like pineapples for some reason. Stephen Hillenburg was a marine biologist, so maybe thats where he got the idea. He doesn't have a girlfriend.

Falco: g'day cmonkey its ur buddy falco...(no im not australian) moon just aint the same w/o u...
i cant believe that ur lil site became so huge. the other day i misspelled ur site name and it actually took me to a porn site... i guess that shows how popular ur site is...crazy people out there are actually trying to cash in on peeps that acidentally misspell ur site name...wow
well nuthing much else to say fer this month...i think im smelling the winds of change coming fer ur site...am i right?(wondering if i should reveal my real name to the online audience here...hmmm...nahh maybye next month)
well then fer now,
this is falco-over and out

Cmonkey: Sure Brad... I mean Falco.

Kylie Fitch: I agree that the episodes haven't been that good lately, but tons of innocent people like me are always waiting for new episodes to come on!! they can't just stop airing it! Personally, I think they should let people e-mail in ideas for new episodes, don't you???¿¿¿
Would they still keep the old episodes on the air even if they stop making new ones?

Cmonkey: I don't know about that. I've read some of the fanfics out there, and they are even worse than these new episodes. I think the fate of SpongeBob lies in Stephen Hillenburg's hands. If he comes back atfer finishing the movie, he might be able to turn around this losing streak. And, of course they would air the old episodes. If the show is finished after these 60 or so episodes, they would air repeats for years afterwards. They could even come back and make new episodes like the Rugrats.

October 2002

Nohely Garay: How tall is Spongebob? What size shoe does he wear? What size clothes does he wear and wear does he buy his clothes?

Cmonkey: Those are quite possibly the most difficult questions I have ever heard. I'd assume he's about 3-4 inches tall. His shoe size is pretty tiny. Same with his clothes. I'm guessing he has a hard time getting clothes. Not many short square people underwater. He might even make his own clothes like he did in the prom episode.

Duong Luong: hi mr. spongedude I was wondering how old are you ? do you like spongebob or some'n like what's yor problem man it 's just a cartoon. Well just to tell u patrick is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cmonkey: Hey, I'm 15. I like the show, and Patrick Zone just doesn't sound rite.

Spongebobqueen88: if u dont mind could i adopt this website as mine tooo???

Cmonkey: Umm, no. Unless you have the $$$ to buy it out.

Well, there ya go for now. This should answer some common questions. Except for the first and last letters. Which means the middle one. Happy now?! Killed the two most common birds with one stone. You know how old I am and why I made the site, not to mention the favorite character thing. Soo... If you send an email that I find interesting, I might just post it up here.

Legal Crap:
SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. SpongeBob SquarePants was created by Stephen Hillenburg.

What that means in English:
I don't own SpongeBob. I am not SpongeBob. I did not make SpongeBob. I am just a fan with a website. If you want to say "I love your show", then email somebody at www.nick.com. You won't believe how many people email me thinking that I'm SpongeBob, or that I made the show. So, theres the truth, enjoy it.

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