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April 2003

4-30-03 Cmonkey

SpongeBob Volleyball still isnt fixed. Looks like this is going to be harder to fix than I thought. I updated the video games page with info about v04. Also, I added a new site to the links section; it's pretty good, so you should probably check it out... so go check it out. Why are you still reading this! You should be looking at the links section!

4-29-03 Cmonkey

I'm back home. That was a fun-filled weekend. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that according to the new poll, I'm more popular of a SpongeBob character than Mr. Krabs. The bad news is that... well there is no bad news. The real update for today is v04 of SpongeBob Volleyball. I finally added AI so theres a 1-player mode. Right now theres a problem with it that makes player 1 invincible (go figure), but I'll fix it for v05 which should be done by tomarrow. I'll update the video games page with it tomarrow. Here's the link to download v04.

4-26-03 Falco

WOW Falco's first post!!! cmonkeys visiting moon today. he, marshall, vulture, doombringer, and myself are all at a lan party. We created a new poll today...i think i know who will be voted for the most, if u know what I mean ;-) hopefully i'll be able to post agian some time.

4-24-03 Compbrain

I was out shopping the other day and I think I saw the weirdest SpongeBob merchandise item, it was a Sun Shade. You know those things that you put in the windshield of your car to keep it from getting too hot? It had a giant SpongeBob on the front which kind of scared me the first time I saw it. There is an outrageous amount of SpongeBob Merchandise, and our Merchandise section doesn't even scratch the surface. I just checked on the SpongeBob SquareBoard and they have a list that is quite long, but is not even complete. Check it out here. Cmonkey will not be available Friday till Sunday due to a little vacation he is taking to visit some old friends. I'll try and find some other interesting stuff to update with while he is away.

4-21-03 Cmonkey

I finally updated the Video Games page. I added a section for SpongeBob Volleyball, and reorganized the rest. I'm still typing up the AI, so it should be done by the end of the week.

4-19-03 Cmonkey

Falco contributed a few new merchandise items for today. I'm still working on updating the game. I'm also thinking about adding online play to it. That might not happen though.

4-16-03 Cmonkey

Another update of SpongeBob Volleyball. This is Version .03. Scoring is fixed, so now it graphically shows what score each player has. Also, its a lot easier to use, for all you non-computer-literate people. Instead of having to extract the files and then run the game, now all you have to do is double-click on the downloaded file, and it automatically starts. I'm going to try to add AI next. I hope it doesn't come to life and attempt to take over the world. (watch The Matrix).

4-14-03 Cmonkey

I finally updated SpongeBob Volleyball. Now, its a 2-player game. I haven't finished the AI yet, so there's no single player mode right now. I'll add it later this week hopefully. Some other changes are more realistic physics and fewer bugs. The game should also run faster now on old computers. It's 1.78 Mb, and you can download it here. In other news, a lot of you must have really interesting toenails (check the poll over to the left).

4-12-03 Cmonkey

Hey Compbrain, how about borrowing my collection of 5 SpongeBob DVDs :-p. I'm still working on an update to the volleyball game. This weekend, I'm going to be busy, but I'll have plenty of time to finish it during Spring Break.

4-10-03 Compbrain

It as just occured to me the irony of me and Spongezone. I have seen a grand total of four and a half episodes of SpongeBob. A few chatters honestly did not belive me when I gave them such information. I guess my real role here is technical stuff. You might have heard rumors around the site about new zone content soon, so that is my primary focus right now. More about the new stuff when it gets finished.

4-9-03 Cmonkey

I added a new poll for the first birthday. Also, Falco found a really interesting letter to the editor in a local newspaper, so we both wrote a response to it. Here is the article, followed by both of our responses.

Show Some Respect - by Stevie Williams
SpongeBob SquarePants is not given the full respect he deserves. Sometimes he gets compared to cartoons like Scooby Doo and the Power Puff Girls. Scooby Doo, as well as the Power Puff Girls, promotes violence. SpongeBob would never do a thing like that. The Power Puff Girls skip school. They are not responsible. SpongeBob SquarePants, on the other hand, has a job at the Krusty Krab that he goes to every day. Scooby Doo eats a lot of Scooby snacks, which aren't healthy. SpongeBob eats healthy food, and not a lot of it. He is a character that can tell kids who get the water squeezed out of them to soak it back up. SpongeBob is all around a happy, creative and educational sponge. When SpongeBob loses, he never gets mad and goes after someone, unlike the Power Puff Girls. SpongeBob dresses appropriately for all ages. He dresses ready to work. The Power Puff Girls, on the other hand, wear short dresses while fighting. Power Puff Girls always have mad expressions on their faces. SpongeBob is always giggling and smiling while flipping patties. SpongeBob is the model for all people. He is reliable, creative and helpful.

My response: I completely disagree with Stevie Williams. First of all, SpongeBob is given the full respect he deserves. SpongeBob is currently the most watched cartoon in America by a huge margin. Saying that Scooby Doo and The PowerPuff Girls promote violence is like saying that a policeman promotes violence. They are both fighting evil-doers. The Powerpuff girls skip school to save the world from certain destruction, while SpongeBob once skipped work to play in a carnival of hooks. I've never seen the Nutritional information of a Scooby Snack, but I'm sure that Mr. Williams hasn't either. SpongeBob commonly eats fast food like a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob commits morally objectionable deeds many times in many episodes. In one episode, he goes on a "panty raid" with his best friend and his boss. In my opinion, no fictional character should be a role model.

Falco's response: OWW Stevie...oww stevie...how i wish i knew what u were talking about. first of all, i wouldnt say spongebob is educational...*ie falied driving school numerous times etc etc....Second, "spongebob never gets mad" WRONG-O. Any one ever seen an episode entitled rock bottom??? *TARTER SAUCE! heck speaking of tarter sauce, remember "robot krabs"? Our favorite sponge went crazy and sprayed mr krabs with tarter sauce..."spongebob dresses appropriately for a all ages" hmmmm....lets remember...."nature sponge"? *cough* no clothes...but really stevie, hes a cartoon, all of this stuff is ok... i agree with cmonkey here that spongebob shouldnt be worshipped as a role model...or worse....*cough* www.churchofspongebob.com *cough*...so in conclusion, SPONGEBOB IS GOOD HUMOR, ENJOY IT !!!!

4-7-03 Cmonkey

I think Daylight savings time had some wierd effect on me, because I forget Sponge Zone's first birthday. So, Happy Belated Birthday to Sponge Zone! I wrote the complete history of Sponge Zone today. It has everything you wanted to know, and probably a lot that you didn't, about Sponge Zone. Its a tale full of defeat, triumph, and a whole lot of spongeyness. Just read it.

4-5-03 Cmonkey

I forget about the letter section because of the whole Plankton Zone shenanigan on April 1st, so I added 3 more letters today. I'm still working on the AI for the volleyball game, hopefully it'll be done tomarrow.

4-2-03 Cmonkey

Well, I'm still working on the Volleyball game. I got the scores mostly finished, but making the AI is really difficult. I tried a few different methods, but I'm going to end up having to hand code the AI for the game. It could take a bit longer. I'll try to finish it for tomarrow.

4-1-03 Cmonkey

How did you like that April fools joke? Falco and I had something big planned, but it fell apart. I didn't get the new version of the game up today, but expect it on Wednesday.

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