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November 2002

11-29-02 Cmonkey

Happy leftover-turkey/ wake-up-at-6AM-just-to-wait-in-line-for-3-hours-at-CompUSA Day!!! I hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did. I've been really busy, so I only had time to make 3 pics of Mr. Krabs. I'll make some by Tuesday.

11-25-02 Cmonkey

There are 6 more pics of Squidward. Next up is ol' Mr. Krabs. Thanksgiving is coming soon!

11-22-02 Cmonkey

4 pics of Squidward, and one is animated. The animated ones take a lot of time to make.

11-20-02 Cmonkey

I was only able to get 2 new pics of Sandy, because she's in only one of the new DVD's episodes. One of animated though. Also, I changed some stuff in the Links section and added one more site. I'm trying to make an involving Fan section that isnt a clique or a message board. Does anyone have any ideas? Email me. Ahh, forget keeping the surprise a secret. I give up. It's just been delayed way too long. My entire website schedule is messed up. I want to add a huge Fan section, but I can't do that until I make a new layout (which was supposed to be the big surprise [my friend was supposed to make it, but apparently he decieded not to] ). I can't make a new layout until I get my website on a new host. My current host doesn't support anything good. My school is getting a new server next mon, so I'll try to get it hosted on that. I'll try to start making the layout. Also, I'm going to try to get a domain name at the same time. Maybe .net cuz .com is taken : (

11-19-02 Cmonkey

There are 6 more pics of Patrick. Notice a pattern here? Oh, and one of them is animated. I'll add some of Sandy next. There aren't very many of those, though.

11-17-02 Cmonkey

There are 6 more pics of Patrick. I'll add a few more of him in the next few days. Also, I fixed Tom's bio (thanks to all the people that emailed me about it).

11-15-02 Cmonkey

I got Xbox live today!!! It's great. I'm Cmonkey on it if anyone wants to play. I added 4 more pics of SpongeBob. The next character is Patrick.

11-12-02 Cmonkey

4 more pics of SpongeBob, and one of them is animated! This time, I'm adding a lot of pics for each character. Maybe,10-15 for the main characters. The owner of www.spongezone.com still hasn't replyed, so I might have to go with another domain.

11-10-02 Cmonkey

I had a busy weekend, but I added 2 more pics of SpongeBob. DSL is great!

11-8-02 Cmonkey

I got DSL today!!! I don't know why, but the phone company sent it today. So, I installed it, and am now enjoying really fast uploads and downloads. I have relatives coming over this weeking, so I might not be able to update. Also, I fixed the link to SpongeBob's parents.

11-7-02 Cmonkey

6 more pics of SpongeBob! Also, I changed the layout a little bit. There's no scrollbar on the left anymore, and all the information that was there is now on the botttom of this page. I just thought it might look better that way.

11-6-02 Cmonkey

New character bio! SpongeBob's parents. That just about wraps up the character section. I'll add Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, and thier villians when I get pictures of them, which might take months. I'm really getting tired of www.spongezone.tk being down all the time. I'm seriously thinking of buying a domain name. Unfortunatly, spongezone.com is already taken. I'm going to try to buy it off of the current owner, but if that doesn't work out, I'll go with spongezone.net. I'll be updating the pictures next.

11-5-02 Cmonkey

I got the new DVD!!! It's possibly the best one yet. It has Shanghaied, Gary takes a bath, hooky, life of crime, pickles, no free rides, sailor mouth, no weenies allowed, jellyfish jam, and the algae's always greener. You know what this means! Over the next few weeks, I'll add tons of pictures and other stuff to the site. First thing is adding more character bio's, since my site stats show that it's the most popular section. After that, I'll add at least 5 pics to each section. I found something really interesting in the no free rides episode! It shows SpongeBob's driver's licence with all the information. The most interesting part is the date of birth. It says 7-14-86! SpongeBob is 16 years old!!! Also, he's 4 inches tall and weighs one ounce. check it out:

11-4-02 Cmonkey

I was busy over the weekend, so I didn't get to update until now. I added a new video clip! This one is the Ripped Pants song. I made high (4 MB) and low (2 MB) versions of it. Both are in Divx, which means you have to download that, if you haven't already. It's only 0.5 MB, and it allows the videos to be watched in Windows Media Player, or any other media player. I have some bad news. Due to the lazyness of my phone company, I won't be getting DSL until the 13th. Another week of painfully slow 56k. : (

11-1-02 Cmonkey

It's November! And because it's the first day of the month, I added more letters. There are 3 more this time. Keep sending in letters; your's might just make it.

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