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Nicktoons Racing for Playstation

Reviewed by SPUDR87

     I have one small word that will describe this game. Bad. Here's why: Nicktoons Racing is your standard run-of-the-mill Mario Kart clone. It has the crazy tracks and the boxes where you can use a randomly picked weapon to screw up your enemies, and yourself; JUST LIKE the Mario Kart series. But's that not the only bad thing about the game. There's plenty more where that came from.


     God-awful introduction. The characters are poorly and cheaply drawn like some bad Canadian cartoon series. It hurts my eyes to just watch. (No offense to you Canadians out there.) ed.: I like an occasional bad Canadian cartoon series!


     The sound is nothing to write home about. The music is too bland and the character's speech is pre-recorded from their shows. But, there's the standard cartoon-ish sounds you would hear off of thousands of cartoons. So the sound is just average. Nothing special.


     This is the major problem. The characters look ugly; Very ugly. The 2-D on 3-D faces are just butt-ugly and some of the characters look like cheaply made claymation puppets. Also, the track appearances, which are supposed to resemble the environments in the Nicktoons universe are plain looking, and sometimes bad. The tracks also look too grainy. It feels like this game was rushed.


     The control is another flaw. You can't turn very well and you go incredibly slow. While you're struggling to go, the computer racers zip past you. So the chances of you winning are very slim.


     This game stinks like a dead fish. The only good thing about it is that SpongeBob and Patrick are in it; However, they look really ugly. Sorry guys, It's not my fault that the game developers made you look crappy. Oh, the game is crap.


1 out of 5 (ouch!)

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