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SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge for PS

Reviewed by DoomBringer

     Well SpongeBob fans, there's now a chance to go beyond the show- and become SpongeBob! All you need is a Playstation and a copy of SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge. You take control of SpongeBob, who is on a mission to please his favorite super-heros, MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy. They send SpongeBob to do several different tasks for them. Unfortunately, I was not as pleased as I thought I would be with the game. It has many flaws, including controls and graphics. It has the graphics of an SNES game, and it plays like one too.


     The graphics were very disappointing, especially considering the fact that it is a PSX game. It looks as if it was directly ported from an SNES game. Even though it is a side-scroller, I think there could have been better graphical elements considering the system it was made for.


     The gameplay is not that bad despite the disappointing graphics. Following the role of a traditional side-scroller, SpongeBob jumps and swings and takes out the baddies with relative ease (considering he's a sponge). Unfortunately, the controls may bog your experience down a little.


     The controls overall are not that great either. Jumping to some platforms may actually become a burden, and sometimes it feels as if you are being cheated when SpongeBob "dies". Other than that, nothing else is really noticeably bad.


     Well, if your a major SpongeBob fan (which you most likely are if you are reading this), then I'd say rent it. Its definitely not one to rush out and buy, but if you are a major fan, it's always good to add to your collection. :)


2 out of 5

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