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SpongeBob SuperPants for PC
Homemade by Nick Rohr

Reviewed by Falco

     Anyone out there just sittin' round bored? Don't know what to do? Can't think of any games you want to play? Nobody's online to talk to? Waitin' for a download to finish? This game is perfect for these situations mentioned above.

Graphics and Sound

     Well I think the graphics are pretty sharp, but nothing special. The level layouts aren't really what u would call sponge bob material, but they can kinda give u a feel of sb in it. The sound, even though it's decent, is not sb music. They have all been ripped from old games. I think I've recognized, sonic the hedgehog, mortal combat, and some Mario tunes. One more thing, I wish that plankton and Patrick would have real voices not just an "ow!"


     If you're a fan of Super Mario, here ya go; that's all it is. It's just a Mario game. Not the greatest clone, but it's a good waste of time. Not too hard of a game, but the bosses are where you will experience the most difficulty.


     As I have already mentioned this game isn't much; just a good waste of time if you're bored. There's one problem with it though; once you beat the 3rd boss, you go to a space type level where there is no way to get through a hole in the wall you come to. I think that it wasn't thought of in the design of the game. Maybe I'm wrong but I can't find any way to get through. I hope the designers will email Cmonkey and explain the problem I have encountered.
Final thought - A good waste o' time, that's it.


3 out of 5
(ed. - I gave it an extra point because it's FREE!)

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