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Archive: July 2002

7-30-02 Cmonkey

I added cheats for PSX SuperSponge. I hope everyone enjoys the new banner. It took 3 days to make.

7-29-02 Cmonkey

I was looking at my website stats for the first time in a while yesterday when I noticed something incredible! 75,000 hits!!! It's amazing! I never thought that I would get here so fast. For the occasion, I made a new banner for the top of the page. Let it's psychological powers make you come back to get this site to 100,000 hits! And then 1,000,000!!!

7-26-02 Cmonkey

For all the gamers out there, I'm putting up cheat codes for the SpongeBob games. Today, I put them up for the GBC and GBA games.

7-24-02 Cmonkey

I'm done updating the Multimedia section for now. I'll probably add more pics in a month or two. I finished it off with the Mr. Krabs AIM icon. I also made links in the AIM icons section that let you use the icon automatically. Now, I'm going to work on the Video Games section.

7-23-02 Cmonkey

I made a Patrick AIM icon. This one is my favorite.

7-22-02 Cmonkey

I found out that my video clip didn't work for most people who downloaded it. That's because you need the Divx 4.12 codec. But don't fret, I put that (and a link to a site that explains what it is) in the Multimedia section. I chose to make the videos in that format because it combines high quality with a small file size. The installation file is about 0.5 MB. After installing it, you can watch the clips with Windows Media Player.

7-20-02 Cmonkey

I put up an animated Sandy aim icon. Those things are hard to make. It takes almost an hour for each one.

7-19-02 Cmonkey

I added a Sandy background. I'm still trying with the Video clips.

7-18-02 Cmonkey

I added a Squidward background and a Patrick AIM icon. Also, there's a problem with the Audio and Video clips at the moment. It's going to take longer than I thought. For now, I have the opening theme Video Clip up.

7-17-02 Cmonkey

I made 2 more backgrounds, but it might take a while to upload them to the website. Hopefully, they'll be up by Friday.

7-16-02 Cmonkey

My friend Falco contributed a review of Spongebob Superpants, the FREE PC game. It's actually pretty good, and it's worth a download.

7-15-02 Cmonkey

2 more pics are in the Misc.Pics section. I have an idea for a new section. I'm thinking about having an Audio Clip of the Week and a Video clip of the Month. I'll probably start some time this week. I'll put up 3 or 4 for the first week.

7-14-02 Cmonkey of the future!

I give you 2 new Mr. Krab picks from the FUTURE!!! Ok, the future thing is getting old. I also added 3 more pics to the Group Pics section.

7-13-02 Cmonkey

Writing from one day in the future is really confusing. I guess YESTERDAY'S new episode was pretty funny. Club SpongeBob was on the DVD, so a lot of people already saw it, but My Pretty Seahorse was new. And, I added 2 pics to the Patrick section.

7-12-02 Cmonkey

I added a quote to the flats bio thanks to the people that emailed me. And, I added two more pics to the Sandy section. Also, there's a new episode on today!

7-11-02 Cmonkey

The lucky pic section of the day is Squidward! I guess I'll work in reverse alphabetical order. I also added Scooter to the Characters. Some people that go on late at night might have noticed that I have stuff for the next day already there. No, I didn't travel one day into the future (or did I?). It's just more convenient to put stuff up the day before.

7-10-02 Cmonkey

I added Pearl and Flats to the Character bio's. And, I added 2 more pics into the SpongeBob pics section. I'm going to try to add 2 more pics to a different section each day.

7-9-02 Cmonkey

You probably noticed that I changed part of the layout a little. That isn't the final look of the nav-bar. Email me with comments about how it's looking, and what the final one should look like. I'm still working on the rest of this layout.

Also, I want to thank ~Scott~ for finding a site that stole my pics.

7-8-02 Cmonkey

I put Bubble Ball in the Games section. And, I noticed a few website stealing my pictures. If anyone sees another website that has my pics, please tell me. The reward for reporting stolen pics is being mentioned on my News page. Have fun!!!

7-7-02 Cmonkey

I added Run for the Krusty Krab to the Games section. Also, I'm finally getting somewhere on the the layout. I'll be done before the end of the month, hopefully.

7-6-02 Cmonkey

I just got back from camp, and I have tons of news. I have decided to focus on being a SpongeBob multimedia/video game site instead of trying to cover SpongeBob news too. I've also been working hard on the layout, but at the moment, I'm still nowhere. I have an idea in my head as to what I want it to look like. I just added another game to the Nick.com games reviewed; Happy Patrick's Day. And, Nick Rohr just emailed me a SpongeBob game titled SpongeBob SuperPants. It's actually a pretty good game.

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