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May 2002

5-31-02 Cmonkey

Well, USALL didn't work, so I'm temporarily at Angelfire. I'm trying out www.myanimecompanion.com right now (even though SpongeBob isn't an anime.) If all goes as planned, Sponge Zone should be back to normal by tomarrow afternoon.

5-30-02 Cmonkey

More bad news. I also exceeded my bandwidth at Geocities. I'm going to try out www.usall.com but it uses popups and banner ads. I'm sorry about that, but I have to do that for now.

5-30-02 Cmonkey

OH NO!!! My site is down because I exceeded the bandwidth limit (in less than 6 days?!). PLEASE HOST ME SOMEBODY!!!! Until I find a new host, the news page will be on geocities : (

5-29-02 Cmonkey

I've been getting a lot of emails about the pictures. I guess I should clarify. By stealing, I meant putting my pics on another site without asking first. You can print my pics, or use them on a card or shirt or use them as wallpaper, etc. without asking first. If you want to put my pics on your website, you need to email me, give me the URL of your site, and put " From www.spongezone.tk " by each pic. I put a lot of hard work into getting/making those pictures. If I catch someone stealing the pics, I might have to lock the image gallery or something.

Apparently, the menubar to the left <-- isn't working with Netscape and other non-Internet Explorer browsers. I'll fix this as soon I can (or as soon as I figure out how). For now I guess this should do:

Characters - Games - Multimedia

I added a lot of pics and mini-reviews to the merchandise section. Some of the scans are low quality, but its pretty hard to scan a 3D object. (*shove*...*shut*...*CRACK* Oops, that can't be good!)

UPDATE: I wrote a javascript to take care of the Netscape problem. I'm not completely sure that it fixes the problem, so please email me to tell me if it does.

5-28-02 Cmonkey

Arg!!! Sorry, my site was down for a few days. My host was apparently having some problems, but hopefully it's resolved. If anyone out there is willing to host my site ; D please contact me, NOW!

I just added a Larry bio. Larry is the muscular lobster. Since E3 just ended, DoomBringer will be writing up some previews of upcoming games. I added a merchandise pics section. I'll add all the SpongeBob stuff I own to it.

5-26-02 Cmonkey

I'm happy :^). The number of people visting my site per day has EXPLODED! I got 500 hits yesterday. My goal was to get 1,000 hits by the end of the year. I reached it in under two months. I'd like to thank everyone that has visited my site.

I got bored, so i made another AIM icon. I also decided to stop popping up character bio's and stuff into new windows. Instead, they will open in the existing window.

5-24-02 Cmonkey

I'm going to hold off of making the new layout for a little while. Instead, I'm completing the characters section. I just added Plankton, Bubble Bass, and Gary. Gary and Plankton were obvious choices, but I added Bubble Bass because there is practically no info about him anywhere. I'll add the rest of them ASAP.

5-19-02 Cmonkey

The House Party episode on Friday was great. I signed up at the SpongeBob topsites, so vote for me if you think my site is good. And, I put up a couple of SpongeBob Aim icons. They take a while to make, but I'm going to make more of them. Apparently my 88x13 button isn't working. I'll fix it in a jiffy.

5-16-02 Cmonkey

Hey everybody, there's some videogame info from THQ on 3 new games! SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month for PC and SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman for GBA and GC are coming out this fall. Right now, there's no info or screenshots, but I expect THQ to show them off at E3 in 6 days.

5-15-02 Cmonkey

I was watching MTV today, and SPONGEBOB WAS ON IT! They showed him playing with the controls in the back room. Its apparently a publicity stunt for the House Party this friday. (Nickelodeon and MTV are both part of Viacom.)

One of my friends gave me a SpongeBob lollypop a few days ago, so I though I'd scan it. It tasted good : )

5-10-02 Cmonkey

My friend, DoomBringer, contributed a review of SuperSponge on Playstation. He might become part of the site, too. You can email him at doombringer@spongezone.tk

5-9-02 Cmonkey

I'm going to start making the new layout. Chances are, I'll get rid of frames.

Also, I made an 88x16 button www.spongezone.tk if you want to link to me. Put this nifty piece of html on your page.

5-4-02 Cmonkey

I just finished Mr. Krabs pics and Squidward pics. The background bitmaps might take a while to actually get on the site because I only have a 56k. The pictures section of multimedia is done for now, so I'll start to work on the Misc section.

5-3-02 Cmonkey

I guess I haven't updated in a while. But don't leave just yet. I put up Sandy pics and backgrounds for high-res monitors. I'll make sure to update more often. I am once more doubting that movies will go up. (Go turn on your TV instead. You know you taped it. ; )

B.T.W- I need some help to really get this site moving. If you're a huge SpongeBob fan and you know some HTML, have Photoshop skillz, or play a lot of Spongebob videogames, email me.

Legal Crap:
SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. SpongeBob SquarePants was created by Stephen Hillenburg.

What that means in English:
I don't own SpongeBob. I am not SpongeBob. I did not make SpongeBob. I am just a fan with a website. If you want to say "I love your show", then email somebody at www.nick.com. You won't believe how many people email me thinking that I'm SpongeBob, or that I made the show. So, theres the truth, enjoy it.

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