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June 2003

6-28-03 Cmonkey

I'm finally back from... Canada. Looks like Compbrain did a good job while I was gone. Now that I'm back, the forums are going to be up really soon. There are only a few things left to do before its up. Unless there is some problem, the forums will be up tomarrow.

6-26-03 Compbrain

Its getting to be quite hot outside these days, and the power has not been completely stable. But thats not stopping us from continually updating. I must say that after posting the poll yesterday, I did not think that many people would think "Mashed Potatoes" to be very important. Apparently, some of you people value your potatoes quite highly. As of this posting 17 of you have answered "Mashed Potatoes" as apposed to choising a real SpongeZone feature. To give you a little tase of something to come, you might want to take a peek at this.

6-25-03 Compbrain

Sorry for the delay in updating while Cmonkey is away, i've been quite busy rather unexpectedly. I took 12 hours out of the week and dedicated it to reading Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix and I must say, I thought it was a very good book. Anyways, I have been trying to figure out a problem with the chat, it seems to be working only one-way. You can type stuff, but you cannot see what you are saying, or what others are saying. The poll has been a bit easier and should be up by tommorow. EDIT: Poll added today! Cmonkey was busy getting the forums ready before he left, so I may show you a sneak peak tommorow aswell. You'll just have to check in then and find out.

6-21-03 Cmonkey

I'm taking a short break from Merch to concentrate on an even more important addition to Sponge Zone, the forum. I'm working on getting it perfect before its released. I'm currently working on creating a custom look for the forum to match the look of this site. I'm going to try to open the forums to all of you before the end of the month. I'm going to be going on a vacation from Monday until Saturday this week, so chances are I'm not going to be able to post any updates. Compbrain is going to be piloting the ship while I'm gone, and he will probably relaunch the poll and the chat during the week.

6-19-03 Cmonkey

You may have noticed that whenever I made an update of Merchandise, it has mostly been stuff from other people. Its not that I don't have SpongeBob stuff, its just that I never got around to putting it all on the site. So, I figured it was about time for me to stop being lazy and start posting some Merch! From today until Saturday, I'm going to be working on putting my entire collection online. For today, I added reviews of 4 SpongeBob DVDs that I have.

6-17-03 Cmonkey

I've been really busy studying hard for finals... and procrastinating on studying for finals, but tomarrow they are finally over! After that, I'll have time to do plently of major updates, like the forum and adding all my SpongeBob stuff to the Merchandise section.

6-14-03 Cmonkey

The news page was getting a little long, so I made a May 2003 news archive. I just checked out the stats for Sponge Zone on the new server. Looks like people are still coming :-p

6-13-03 Cmonkey

Ok, so we're back to normal updates again. For today there is a major update of the Merchandise section. I added 9 new things submitted by people. Also, its reorganised so that there isn't just one extremely long page that you have to scroll through. Compbrain is still working on getting the rest of the site up, like the chat and the poll. The chat is really lonely without all you Sponge Zone visitors, so I've been forced to talk to myself all day long, right Cmonkey?

6-11-03 Compbrain

Yes, Cmonkey pretty much summed it up. The LAN party was cool, except my wireless network was broken when I got home, so I had to call up Microsoft to get a new one. Yesterday during my english class the power went out while I was watching Lord of The Flies. This really stunk because not 2 minutes before english did I take the software off of the computers that run the school which shut them down automatically. What was even worse, is the computer that runs SpongeZone was not connected to a battery backup. Well, through a combination of all of these things, and 2 hours of work recently, SZ should be back up and running. The poll will not be alive for a short while, but when it comes back the new addition will be here aswell. Thanks for your patience, and if you saw any "404 Errors" or anything of the sort in the last day, please disregard, it was yours truly working hard (or hardly working?) on getting this site back up. Enjoy!

6-11-03 Cmonkey

Sorry about the downtime on the server. I was a the LAN party for most of the weekend, and it was oodles of fun! But nothing ruins a great weekend like a project for english class, and I ended up working on it for most of Sunday and Monday. And lucky me, the power went out Tuesday morning, crashing the Sponge Zone server. It's been down ever since, but Compbrain is working hard on switching over to the new server! And expect a nice addition to the site *hint* *hint* soon after the new server is up. I have finals to study for at the moment, but expect a ton of updates as soon as school is over in one week. There will probably be a few updates this weekend too.

6-6-03 Cmonkey

Larry got a booster pack! There are now 354 questions on the trivia bot... I mean lobster. Compbrain and I are going to be at a LAN party all weekend, so there won't be any new updates until Monday. Until then, enjoy the trivia!

6-4-03 Cmonkey

It's the beginning of the month, and you know what that means... Free Ballon Day! Well, not really, but there's 3 more letters in the letters section. Falco wrote up another few pages of questions, so expect Larry to have them running some time this week.

6-1-03 Compbrain

Since Cmonkey mentioned a forum, I figured I should give you a litle update. I am currently working on setting up the forum. If you know of the forum software freely available, we will be using XMB or phpBB. I am also working on switching webservers at school, so chances are the forum will be up when the server is. Hopefully, once we get everything working, the forum will handle news updates for the main page (what your reading right now), and allow you to vote on, or reply to news items.

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