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May 2003

5-30-03 Cmonkey

Thanks to Falco, there are now 54 new trivia questions in the chat! I also added over 100 more scramble questions to the bot. The total questions on the bot is now 308. While working on the trivia I realized that SpongeBob reached the 100 episode mark a few months ago. 109 11 minute and 22 minute long cartoons have been made and shown in America since 1999. I said in America because some episodes have actually aired in Europe but not in America. "Missing Identity" and "Plankton's Army" both aired on April 16th in Europe, but they both have yet to air in the US. The US does have the three episodes that were exclusive to DVD, which Europe hasn't gotten yet. Interestingly, Canada apparently got both the unaired episodes and the DVD episodes. Lucky Canadians...

5-28-03 Cmonkey

Another small merchandise update today. Also, there's a bit of news. As of last Monday, Summer has officially started! Well, most people are still in school, and the season is still technically Spring, but its Summer on Nick! This Summer, they're bringing back last year's Nick Toon Summer Beach House. Expects marathons of Nick Toons every day and oodles of lame jokes during commercial breaks. Monday afternoon every week is the SpongeBob marathon.

5-26-03 Cmonkey

I finished cleaning up the site today. I changed a few things to make navigation inside the Sponge Zone easier. Hopefully this will prevent people from getting lost inside the html prison that is the internet. So far, it looks like the poll is in favor of having a forum...

5-24-03 Cmonkey Later that day...

I added a new poll. Looks like all of you are huge SpongeBob fans, because the vast majority of people voted that new episodes of SpongeBob should still be made after the movie. This new poll is about whether or not there should be a forum on this site. The reason I wouldn't want to is that the Sponge Bob Square Board is a good forum and I don't want to be infringing on that. But a forum would also fit well with this site, and it would allow the comments feature to be added easily. The comments feature is so that anyone can comment on news posts and pages. So cast your vote, you may be deciding the fate of Sponge Zone.

5-24-03 Cmonkey

I did a little bit of spring cleaning on Sponge Zone for today. The html is freshly waxed and all the dust bunnies are gone. Oh, and I added copyright, trademark, and email information to all the pages. Also, I fixed some typos that have been around for over a year. Its surprising how many errors I make when I'm tired.

5-22-03 Cmonkey

More merchandise stuff from Falco for today. I hope you are all enjoying SpongeBob Volleyball. If you find any errors with it, email me so I can fix them.

5-20-03 Cmonkey

I finally got the chance to finish SpongeBob Volleyball. Expect it to be Game of the Year for 2003 ;-) Well, its not game of the year material, but its way better than the older versions I made. The scoring now works completely. The AI is now smart enought to know how to jump, but it is slow enough to not be invincible. The 2-player mode is back to normal. This is the final version of SpongeBob Volleyball. I'm going to start working on a second game soon. Email me with any ideas for it.

5-18-03 Cmonkey

I've been getting a lot of complaints about people abusing the trivia. Don't sit there playing it by yourself for hours just to improve your score. Falco and I added trivia so that people could get together and have fun. The chat wasn't made for trivia, it's for chatting.

5-16-03 Cmonkey Later that day...

I've officially resigned from playing trivia. I by myself had more points than everyone else combined. People were accusing me of cheating. I never cheat. People said it wasn't fair and so they left. They may just be sore losers, but I guess I need to stop playing. So now everyone can go get on the chat and play trivia and win a few games.

5-16-03 Cmonkey

The old poll got really depressing, so I put up a new one. After the movie airs, new episodes of SpongeBob probably won't be made again. This makes a lot of people sad, but it sort of makes sense to me. Since the start of the third season of SpongeBob, the episodes just haven't been as good as usual. I would rather see SpongeBob quit while it's ahead than go down the wrong way like the Rugrats did. What do you think about it?

5-14-03 Cmonkey

Ok, the chat is up and running! Go play some trivia. In the chat, just type @trivia to activate the trivia. Its oodles of fun. Lets see if any of you out there can beat the trivia masters of Sponge Zone. Also a little bit of video game news since E3 is going on right now. Check out this press release from THQ:
"SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Based on the number one program on kids' TV, the evil Plankton sets his most diabolical plan ever in motion, putting the fate of Bikini Bottom in the hands (or small tentacles) of three unsuspecting heroes - SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick StarFish and Sandy Cheeks - each with unique moves and abilities. Players will go "tongue-boarding" down huge mountains, "underwear bungee jumping" off tall cliffs or ride in a guided "cruise bubble" in an effort to foil Plankton's scheme. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom is scheduled for release on Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance and PC in fall 2003."
The game is being developed by Heavy Iron, a branch of THQ that is relatively new. They have only made two games, Evil Dead: Hail to the King and Scooby Doo! Night of 1000 frights. Neither game was much of a success, so I don't see the new SpongeBob game being any better than the previous ones. But, like the previous games, many people will buy it just because its SpongeBob, and SpongeBob is awesome. The graphics on the new game are better than before, but still not up to par compared to modern video games. Check out a screen of the new game below, compared to a screen of the old game, Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.

5-12-03 Cmonkey

We're back online, but its on the old server. There new server was a little messed up. Its going to be onto the new server by June probably. While the site was uneditable, I got a chance to work with Falco on the secret project codenamed Larry. Well, the project isn't a secret anymore. Larry is a trivia bot!!! *crickets chirping* You have to try it to believe it. But, you wont be able to try it until tomarrow, when the old server is completly up and running again. It's in the Sponge Zone chat that everyone is so crazy about. One of the coolest parts is that all the scores from the trivia games in the chat automatically get put on this high scores page. So, if you're a SpongeBob trivia master, everyone will know it!

5-7-03 Cmonkey

There are some new merchandise items from Falco over in the Merchandise section. Maybe that'll change your opinion of him in the poll... We are planning on setting up a weekly chat in the Chat room, so we can all get together at the same time to talk about SpongeBob and other stuff. And maybe we could get a chance to test out Larry. The chat is going to be in the evening on some weekday. Email me with any suggestions, comments, or random words of nonsense.

5-5-03 Cmonkey

Leave some room for me in that corner. Falco and I (but mostly Falco) are working on a new project with a codename of... Larry. Larry is a secret project involving many *Questions* and *Answers* hint, hint. It should be done by the end of this week or next week.

5-5-03 Compbrain

I am truly appalled at the results of the Poll. Can you people really hate me that much? I think I will go join Falco and cry in the corner.

5-3-03 Cmonkey

Theres a new poll. The same choices as before, but with the opposite question... I was watching Nick today when I saw something really disappointing. Viacom/Nickelodeon/Paramount is making a movie called Rugrats Go Wild. Hmm, what could it be? Not a combination of the Rugrats, Nickelodeon's longest running cartoon and formerly the most watched cartoon on television that was recently dethroned by SpongeBob, and the Wild Thornberrys, a cartoon that never got a big following but was still milked for cash by the capitalistic Viacom, is it? Unfortunately for all of us, its true. Nickelodeon destroyed the dynasty that was the Rugrats. And as if the horrible idea of combining the two cartoons for a movie wasn't bad enough, they chose none other than Bruce Willis as the voice of Spike. At that moment, I ran out of the room screaming. Nickelodeon has a bad habit of destroying everything. I'm glad that they decided to end SpongeBob instead of destroying it like they did to the Rugrats.

5-1-03 Cmonkey

It's the first day of the month, so you know what that means. One month closer to summer! Oh ya, and 3 new letters! I also added a new section to the Misc section called... The Peanut Gallery. I also got rid of all the old spongey-looking titles on the main pages, and replaced them with shiny new ones like the News title above.

Legal Crap:
SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. SpongeBob SquarePants was created by Stephen Hillenburg.

What that means in English:
I don't own SpongeBob. I am not SpongeBob. I did not make SpongeBob. I am just a fan with a website. If you want to say "I love your show", then email somebody at www.nick.com. You won't believe how many people email me thinking that I'm SpongeBob, or that I made the show. So, theres the truth, enjoy it.

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