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SpongeBob Volleyball - By Cmonkey
My first attempt at making a SpongeBob Videogame. Check out the info page for downloads, screenshots, and information. Current version- Final
SpongeBob SquarePants: The Game - By www.killer-sponge.tk
This game is amazingly fun. In single-player mode, the idea is to destroy as many of the fish attacking you as you can. The real fun is in the multiplayer mode. You fight another player while avoiding other enemies on the field, and while picking up powerups and other items. The graphics are very SpongeBob-like, and so is the music. I suggest downloading it.

Download SpongeBob SquarePants: The Game
SpongeBob SuperPants Maze
Classic SpongeBob SuperPants action, but in maze form. It involves more strategy than the original platformer. It's difficult, but strangely addicting.

Download SuperPants Maze Episode 1.2 Download SuperPants Maze Episode 2.2 Download SuperPants Maze Episode 3.2 Download SuperPants Maze Episode 4.0
SpongeBob SuperPants v3.0
Bobby Fishkin is working on the third version of the SuperPants series. A beta version has been released. The graphics are greatly improved over the older games.

Download SuperPants v3.0 Demo
SpongeBob SuperPants v2.5
If you liked the first one, you'll certainly like this one even more. It was created by Bobby Fishkin, with some minor modifications by me. It works a whole lot better than the old one, and its actually possible to beat the game this time.

Download SuperPants v2.5 - Review - Strategy Guide for v2.0 - Download SuperPants v2.0
SpongeBob SuperPants
It's an independently made 2d platformer. You've never heard of it because it was homemade by Nick Rohr. It's actually pretty good, and I recommend trying it out. In the game, giant Plankton's are taking over Bikini Bottom, and you have to stop them.

Download SuperPants - Review

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