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March 2003

3-30-03 Cmonkey

The special something is a SpongeBob computer game. I'm eventually going to make some cool ones, but I started out with something simple. SpongeBob Volleyball. This is just a Beta version. Don't expect it to be great. A lot of the stuff isn't done yet. I put it up just to show that I haven't been doing nothing this weekend. There will be an improved second beta, or as Falco called it "I can't believe its not Beta", up tomarrow.

3-29-03 Cmonkey

I've been cooking up something special over the last 2 days. You'll see it some time this week. Hint: It's for a section that I haven't updated in months. In other news, SpongeZone's first birthday is coming in a week.

3-28-03 Compbrain

Today is another merchandise update. I got it when I was out shopping with the parents, so brace yourselves. And hint, I haven't eaten it yet, because I am not a big fan of Almonds. Cmonkey and I didn't have school today due to a professional day for the teachers, but I had track practice.

3-26-03 Cmonkey

Join SpongeBob on his quest to find a friend in today's new video clip, Buddies. There are large and small version available in the Multimedia section. Theres a nice 3 day weekend (That makes no sense, its not like you're repeating Saturday. It should be called a weekend+weekday vaction or something special like that) coming up, so I might get more stuff done for the site.

3-24-03 Compbrain

I am back from Florida. I was thinking of SpongeBob when I was there so I bought a little something to show off in the Merchandise section. Head on over there and check it out.

3-23-03 Cmonkey

In case of an emergency in which your shoes are untied, and for some reason you forget how to fix that, I added a video clip from "Your Shoe's Untied". There are large and small versions just like usual. Compbrain will be back tomarrow.

3-21-03 Cmonkey

Compbrain is in Florida, that lucky duck. I wrote up a second part to my guide about chatting. It's about more advanced stuff. If you havent already tried the chat, check it out. It's loads of fun. We're thinking about scheduling a weekly chat so that we can all get together at the same time.

3-19-03 Cmonkey

There's a new video clip, The Lost Episode, in the Multimedia section. Is it really the The Lost Episode? (hint: I dont want my website shut down) Well, theres only one way to find out. Check out the video clip, and then watch the Lost Episode Friday at 8:00 pm on Nickelodeon. Talking to people on the webbased chat has been pretty fun so far. Take a look if you haven't already.

3-17-03 Compbrain

Today must be your lucky day because there is a double update! New poll today to complement the new Zone feature. Don't forget to email us your SpongeBob photos to photos@spongezone.net . Below are the results of the previous poll.

Characters [126 votes] Multimedia [69 votes]
The Zone [13 votes] Misc. [26 votes]
Games [65 votes] All of the Above [133 votes]

3-17-03 Cmonkey

Conflict of interest, heh. Yes! Theres a new feature that'll knock your socks off. If your not wearing socks, go put some on before checking out "The Zone". Its a web-based chat room, #spongebob, where people from around the world can get together to talk about SpongeBob. Compbrain and I are signed onto it 24/7 and we're talking on it for at least a few hours every day. There are other friendly characters that are on often too. Feel free to visit and stay as long as you like. Its web-based so it takes up no space on your computer, and you dont have to install anything. Before you start, I recommend that you read Cmonkey's guide to chatting on #spongebob

Update: Yay!!!!!!! The mysterious bug/error/lawn gnome was fixed by my good buddy Compbrain. So everyone can now go and chat! Now!

3-16-03 Compbrain

Hello all. Seems as though there was a conflict of interest today. Sorry for any inconvienience between 9:00 and 10:30PM today. Check 'The Zone' for a new feature and some added content.

3-15-03 Cmonkey

Its 12:35 so its barely the 15th of March. I took a look to the left (no, the other left) and was that the games section is pretty popular on the poll. I'm going to start updating it again. Also, I got the new Tales from the Deep DVD, so expect a ton of video clips and pictures from that soon.

3-13-03 Cmonkey

There are a few minor updates for today. Theres a new link and info on how to link to me (you know you want to) in the links section. I got 2 more pics of the SpongeBob bedroom, so they're up. And, I put the old news in the February 2003 archive. Sponge Zone's first anniversary is coming up next month, so get ready to be amazed... again.

3-10-03 Cmonkey

I got back from school at 9:30 pm today, so I didn't get a chance to work on much. Luckily for you and me, I got a really cool email from an artist/consultant named Brooke HeinricH. She made a really awesome room with walls painted like Bikini Bottom and a bunch of SpongeBob stuff in it. Check out some pictures of it. If you have any specific questions about it, email her at BDHISARTSY@aol.com

3-8-03 Cmonkey

Cmonkey is back in action! Compbrain was right about the stuff being cooked up. There are some amazing things coming up in the next few months. The math essay, yes MATH ESSAY, is finally done. So, for today theres 39 new group pics, must be some kind of record. Thats the end of the Sea Stories DVD. Now I just have to get a bunch of pics from Tales from the Deep, and from the new DVD, Lost at Sea. Stop making DVDs so fast Nickelodeon! You're going to drive me insane.

3-6-03 Compbrain

It's me posting again. The update for today is a.. Drumroll please.. New Poll! The old poll results were: www.spongezone.net with 193 votes in first place, and www.spongezone.tk with 137 votes in second place. Vote for your favorite SpongeZone section in the poll. Cmonkey should be returning to his usual duties in the near future. I think he just loves to write math term papers so much that he could not take a break. I hope Cmonkey finishes his projects soon, because he has all of the "Spongy Content" and I have none. :-D

3-4-03 Compbrain

Well, today marks a day in SpongeZone history. A new news poster has written something here. Yes, in case you are wondering, that person is me. You might have seen my name mentioned a few times before, where Cmonkey made reference to my assistance. The main reason for the post today is because Cmonkey is such a good student, that he could not fit time into his schedule today to update the site. If it wasnt for all the :: dolphin noise :: schoolwork, then "The Zone" probaby would have been finished. Look for more soon around these areas, you wont want to miss what cmonkey and I are cooking up.

3-2-03 Cmonkey

Welcome to March, in like a lion out like a lamb. I never understood that saying. What do animals have to do with months? Oh well, since its the beginning of the month, theres the regular update of the letters section. 3 more, just like usual. I'm still procrastinating. I have 1 out of 6 pages of the essay done.

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